What is the Ostana Prize

The “Ostana Prize: Writings in Mother Tongue” is a celebration of the cultural biodiversity of humanity. It is a festival organised by the Occitan community of the mountain valleys (Valadas) of Piedmont, Italy, and it was born to defend and promote linguistic and cultural diversity throughout the world.

In its 13 editions, the Prize has given voice to 80 authors representing 46 from all five continents, with the desire to know and make known writers, filmmakers, musicians from different parts of the planet, has become a formidable opportunity to meet and exchange experiences for dozens of authors who in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and in Oceania illustrate and make the language of their community alive with their creative work.

Where does it take place?
It takes place in the tiny village of Ostana, in the Po Valley, in the province of Cuneo, Italy.
When does it happen?
It happens from Friday 23th June 2023 in the afternoon until Sunday 25th June at night.
What happens during the days of the Ostana Prize?

You can find all the details on the programme of the 2023 Ostana Prize. The days of the Prize are full with debates, meetings, streamings and artistic collaborations that emerge on the spot.

The first evening is usually dedicated to welcoming the participants and a salutation from the organisers and authorities. The Ostana Prize is actually a real Prize, and so awards are being given to significant personalities that have worked to defend their mother tongues. On Friday evening there is usually the introduction of one of the awardees and their work, for example the Cinema Prize.

Saturday is the day where debates with the awarded authors and their tutors takes place, so that they can bring to the public their reflections and ideas from their minority language and their own work. There is a lot of exchange taking place with the participants, formally and informally.

In the evening, the Occitan local culture becomes alive and sparkly with improvised musical performances and lots of dancing, and then we have dinner together ‘in convivéncia’ (the art of being together in harmony).

Sunday is the day when the award ceremony takes place, and other artistic performances as well. In this year’s edition, Sunday is full with new beautiful activites that are not to be missed!

How can I get to Ostana?

If you are coming from European countries, we suggest you take a flight with destination Torino-Caselle. There are plenty of Ryanair and Vueling cheap flights from the main European capitals.

Then, from Torino Caselle, you can take the train to Saluzzo. Once you get there, continue by car. (Contact us)

Where can I sleep?

At Ostana and in the nearby villages (Paesana, etc.) there are many hosting capacities that will host people who attend the Ostana Prize.

Here you can find some info and contact us: we will let you know which hostels and other hosting structures are available, and how to reserve a spot there.

We are only a few weeks from the festival now, and hostels might be full, don’t delay your reservation!

Who are the awardees of this year’s edition?

The Ostana Prizes of this year are: Bernardo Atxaga, Euskera language (Spain) – International Prize; Hawad, Tamajaght language (Niger) –Special Prize; Liliana Bertolo Boniface, Francoprovençal language (Italy) – Historical language minorities in Italy Prize; Blanca I. Fernández Quintana, Asturian language (Spain) – Youth Prize; Monica Longobardi, Occitan language (Italy) – Translation Prize; Sarah Laurent-Zurawczak, Occitan language (France) – Occitan language Prize; Fiona Mackenzie, Gaelic language (Scotland) – Musical composition Prize; Julie Perreard, Corsican language (France) – Cinema Prize.

You can find the awardees of previous years here: http://www.chambradoc.it/premioOstana-ScrittureInLinguaMadre.page

How can I follow the Prize?

The Ostana Prize will have no online content for the present 2023 edition, so there will be no streaming.

However, we will let you know the important things happening on-site on our social networks, and you can follow us and interact with us onfacebook (https://www.facebook.com/premiostana/), twitter (https://twitter.com/OstanaIn) e instagram (https://www.instagram.com/premioostana/).


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The Ostana Prize celebrates the international support received

from the UNESCO International Decade of Indigenous Languages, and from two reference institutions in the linguistic field: the ELEN network (European Language Equality Network) and the NPLD network (Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity).

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